Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family Gives Up Technology for 6 Months

In the video above, it shows the affect that technology can have on a family. The video also shows a lady by the name of Susan Maushart who decided to take ALL Electronics away from her family for 6 months. Many families find themselves allowing technology to come between them and their social dinner or social time. The Children explain that it was miserable at first, living with out any Electronic devices....No Cell Phone and No Texting. The had No Internet access, when they needed to do research for homework, they had to go to the library. As time went on the family started to get used to it, and started spending more time with each other. They found alternative activities to stay busy and occupy their time. When they finally received their technology back, they realized that it was a privilege not a right. They learned to not take it for granted and to cherish their electronics because they make life easier. After the experience, the mother of the family decided to write a book about it. It's called "The Winter of our Disconnect" below is a link if you would like to purchase it. 

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